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Maluma DataSync is a Game-Changer for Getting Data out of Progress OpenEdge in to MSSQL for Bates Wells

Bates Wells is a UK Top 200 law firm, based in the City of London,  who use Maluma DataSync to get data out of their Progress OpenEdge Software systems, SOS and Visualfiles. 

We asked Ed Mozley, Data & Application Architect at Bates Wells LLP the following: 

What issues were you trying to resolve? 

We needed to get data out of our Finance & Case Management software for Management Reports. Extracting data was very difficult and very slow. The table structure in our Case Management Software meant it was extremely complicated to extract data from it. This meant that, by the time it took to process the disorderly raw data, the information was already out of date.  

Not only that, but we were running the routines overnight as the extraction took so long. They were unreliable and inevitably failed so we would have to do this again the following night, which in turn put a lot of pressure on the IT department. 

How has Maluma DataSync helped? 

Quite simply, DataSync does exactly what it sets out to do. The unreliable former data extraction routine that we ran overnight has now been replaced by DataSync’s real-time updates. It is reliable, stable and extremely low maintenance. So much so that if the process has to pause because of another problem, DataSync just picks up where it left off when the processing is resumed. 

IT play a critical role in the production of valuable real-time reports that the firm can now get from our core business software. And this enables our management team to make better and faster decisions. 

Having this functionality also enhances the value of our existing software, delaying the need to replace systems, meaning a strong return on the firm’s initial software investment.  

What tangible benefits has the Maluma offering brought to your business? 

Thanks to DataSync we now have fuss-free, real-time database replication that has provided the foundation for our extended reporting needs as well as assisting with a systems change project which involved a large and complex data conversion.  The speed at which DataSync processes our high volumes of data changes is nothing short of phenomenal and, with the monitoring dashboard and alerts, we are always in control.  

Describe DataSync to your peers in one sentence: 

A powerful, robust, highly performant and innovative data warehousing piece of software.  Quite simply, if you have an OpenEdge Database – You need DataSync in your toolkit!

About Bates Wells 

Bates Wells is a City firm with a difference. 

The firm believes in making a positive impact, whether that’s achieving legislative and regulatory change around sustainability, or working on a landmark case with wide-ranging implications. It is not afraid to challenge the status-quo. As a values-driven firm, Bates Wells shows commitment to its clients, people, the environment and society. It was the first UK firm to achieve B Corporation certification. 

The firm’s clients are diverse – from global household names, to public bodies, to start-ups. It is also the firm of choice for thousands of charities and social enterprises. 

Bates Wells has excellent strength in corporate and commercial law, as well as employment, real estate, arts and media, immigration, litigation and public and regulatory law. The firm is based in London, but it has a significant international practice across all specialisations, reflecting the international scope of many of its clients. 

About Maluma Solutions 

With over 30 years legal and case management experience, Maluma Solutions is a leading data management solutions provider. Founded in 2013, Maluma now boasts over 30 professional service and corporate clients of all sizes using their services and flagship products of Fusion, and DataSync, in the day-to-day management of their case data.   

Integrating OpenEdge database platforms with other key business systems, such as a data warehouses, has long been a challenge to many law firms using applications like SOS and Visualfiles. Having access to data is of paramount importance in today’s world of legal IT and we like to make that as easy as possible for our customers. DataSync works with any OpenEdge database to provide real-time access to data and our new module, {Extend}, builds on this to allow a firm to integrate with other systems. 

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