Extend your OpenEdge data

Extend your OpenEdge data - DataSync

Synchronise your data into SQL Server making it instantly available to serve the needs of your business.

DataSync brings your OpenEdge data into SQL Server. DataSync monitors changes in data and constantly synchronises into a mirror-image SQL database. All your OpenEdge data is now in SQL Server, up-to-date and accessible via tools familiar to your technical teams.

DataSync has been designed to manage the real-time replication of millions of data changes daily. It uses a specially designed and intelligent engine that optimises the processing of large volumes of changes with maximum efficiency.

DataSync creates a deeper integration of OpenEdge data with other business systems, allowing updates in OpenEdge to flow through SQL and trigger further actions.

DataSync raises events and runs procedures that can be customised to satisfy the requirements of the business. These actions do not affect the performance of OpenEdge and DataSync automatically highlights any inefficient customisations.

DataSync requires OpenEdge 10.2+ and MSSQL 2012, works with any vendor solution and requires no additional components. It is easy to maintain and comes complete with a suite of dashboards and predefined maintenance routines.

Extend your OpenEdge data.

Key Benefits:

 Release the Power

Once your data is synchronised into SQL Server it is instantly available to serve the needs of the business.

 Protect Your Investment

Remove risk to your production systems by moving reports and long-running queries to the offline, mirror image SQL database.

 Minimise Effort

DataSync can bolt onto existing OpenEdge and SQL databases. It’s data mapping interface means you don’t need to change existing reports or SQL scripts.

 Maximise Your Data

Use key business information for a multitude of scenarios. These could include offline reporting and BI, integrations with other business systems, updates to a client portal, sending emails or messages to internal teams or clients, triggering processes that naturally follow data changes.

DataSync Key Features:

Quick and Simple Setup

DataSync is easily installed and configured in a few hours and adapts to changes in your source OpenEdge database. Our fuss-free software will not become a burden on your TechOps team.

Easy to Maintain

DataSync has an intuitive user interface with dashboard monitoring, ensuring that on-going support is straight forward even for users who are unfamiliar with the OpenEdge platform.

Reassuring Reliability

DataSync is resilient and will auto-recover from network and connectivity issues. With thorough logging throughout and multiple methods of notification you will be instantly aware and in control of the situation.

Built for Speed

DataSync is designed with performance in mind. Multiple changes to a single record are intelligently condensed into a single update, with full tracking from the initial change through to the final insert, update or delete.

Integrate with Ease

DataSync has a RESTful web API giving you access to its internal statistics, data mapping & cloning engine and maintenance routines from any third-party product.

Informative Dashboard

DataSync comes with its own web interface and real-time dashboard allowing you to monitor performance, configure settings, run maintenance procedures and highlight inefficient event customisations.

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