ONE system,
ONE search,
ALL your data

Data and document archiving solution - Fusion

Welcome to a revolutionary data and document archiving solution.

Do you have numerous, outdated systems storing your data and documents which require multiple logins, licences and support?

Has staff attrition meant that specialist knowledge of these systems has left the business?

Are you unable to control the retention of data and documents in accordance with GDPR?

Do requests for information soak up time and resources in order to find the relevant data?

There are many challenges and costs associated with the retention and management of data and documents.

Legislation & SRA rules demand that documents and case details are retained for a minimum of six years after a case has been closed. In some practice areas this retention period is considerably longer.

Firms that have grown rapidly, especially by acquisition, find they have multiple different systems spread across the firm, some of which are no longer in production use.

Fusion has helped our customers to overcome all of these problems.

Fusion consolidates all information from multiple systems into one place and manages old data out of the business according to your retention policies.

Find clients, matters, 3rd party contacts and activities across any number of legacy systems, in sub-second speed. An intuitive interface that can be used by everyone in the firm with little or no training.

ONE system, ONE search, ALL your data.

Key Benefits:


Avoid fines and reputational damage for non-compliance. Safely retain all your information until it can be deleted, at the right time, in line with your GDPR retention policies.

 Remove Costs

Fusion eliminates the need for legacy systems, software licences, maintenance contracts and the use of valuable IT resources on applications that no longer add value to the firm.

 Reduce Risk

Control your archive without specialist knowledge of legacy systems. Ensure your data is accessible to the firm when you need it, and has been removed when you don’t.

 Save Time

A simple search lets you quickly find matter details and documents across any number of systems allowing you to fulfil Requests For Information from solicitors, courts and clients.

Fusion’s Key Features:

Audited & Secure

Fusion audits all user actions and has client, matter and detail level confidentiality that is configured on a per user basis.

Easy & Intuitive

Fusion offers a simple yet powerful user interface. Learn how to use Fusion in minutes.

Built for Speed

Fusion is designed with performance in mind. It’s fast! Sub-second searching across millions of records.

Digital Transformation

Convert your paper to PDF and store it safely within Fusion with the rest of your electronic data and documents.

Easy Integration

Fusion has a RESTful web API that allows it’s functionality to be easily integrated with other systems.

PDF for Archive

Store PDF/A versions of documents that can be viewed through Fusion and printed or securely downloaded.

ONE System

Combining legacy systems removes the need for specialist knowledge of old applications and frees up IT resources.

ONE Search

Fusion consolidates any number of old data sources from any platform into one fully searchable application.

ALL Your Data

Open up more possibilities to get additional value from your data such as conflict checks and a single view of clients.

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