Welcome to Maluma Revolutionary data and document archiving solutions
for the legal industry.
One System Consolidate data, documents and transactions from
any platform into one application with Fusion.
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GDPR Compliance Fusion stores and maintains all data and documents
in line with your data retention policies.
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Full Search Capability Search all data and documents, across multiple systems,
with Fusion’s powerful search feature.
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Peace of Mind All client and matter data is stored securely with
access configured on a per user basis.
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Expand Your Data All your OpenEdge data in SQL Server, up-to-date and
accessible via tools familiar to your technical teams.
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Welcome to revolutionary data and document archiving.

With over 4 decades of experience working in the legal sector Maluma are a specialist data management software and service provider. Our aim is to create fast, fresh and intuitive software that helps our customers manage their workplace data.

We offer products and services to firms of all sizes who want to manage their data more efficiently while reducing costs. Our solutions allow clients to retain all their data and documents, following GDPR data retention rules, while reducing the risk of data breaches and penalties due to the absence of compliant system data governance and archiving.

Data and document archiving - Maluma


Fusion consolidates information from multiple systems into one place and manages old data out of the business according to data retention rules. Fusion answers your archiving problems, removing legacy systems and leaving production systems lean.

Implement Fusion as part of a digital transformation strategy and avoid the long-term storage costs associated with paper files.

ONE system, ONE search, ALL your data.

Data and document archiving solution - Fusion

Key Benefits of Fusion

Data and document archiving solution benefits with Fusion
  • Avoid fines and reputational damage for non-compliance. Safely retain all your information until it can be deleted, at the right time, in line with your GDPR retention policies.
  • Fusion eliminates the need for legacy systems, software licences, maintenance contracts and the use of valuable IT resources on applications that no longer add value to the firm.
  • Control your archive without specialist knowledge of legacy systems. Ensure your data is accessible to the firm when you need it, and has been removed when you don’t.
  • A simple search lets you quickly find matter details and documents across any number of systems allowing you to fulfil Requests For Information from solicitors, courts and clients.
Bring OpenEdge data into SQL Server - Datasync


DataSync makes your OpenEdge data available in SQL Server. DataSync monitors changes in data and constantly synchronises it into a mirror-image SQL database. All your OpenEdge data is now in SQL Server, up-to-date and accessible via tools familiar to your technical teams.

Extend your OpenEdge data.

Key Benefits of Datasync

  • Once your data is synchronised into SQL Server it is instantly available to serve the needs of the business.
  • Remove risk to your production systems by moving reports and long-running queries to the offline, mirror image SQL database.
  • DataSync can bolt onto existing OpenEdge and SQL databases. It’s data mapping interface means you don’t need to change existing reports or SQL scripts.
  • Use key business information for a multitude of scenarios. These could include offline reporting and BI, integrations with other business systems, updates to a client portal, sending emails or messages to internal teams or clients, triggering processes that naturally follow data changes.
OpenEdge data into SQL Server benefits - DataSync

Reduce Risk

Risk & Compliance

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Cost Effective


Our solutions are installed, maintained and supported on a per user basis. This allows clients to scale our solutions as the business grows.

Our solutions can save businesses money and actually drive down costs by eliminating the need for multiple outdated systems which require licences and support. Combining all these systems saves on maintenance costs, IT resources and by reallocating or disposing of existing hardware and the need for substantial legacy system software licences on old applications. It also ensures that the knowledge of old systems is not lost due to employee attrition. Long term our solutions can actually pay for themselves and provide a return on investment!

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Staff Onboarding


Fusion offers an interface that can be used by anyone in the firm with little or no IT knowledge.

Training is provided for all users and can be carried out on a one to one basis or larger group sessions. It’s quick and easy to train a team on how to use our software and you will be up and running in no time. It’s as simple as using a search engine!

More Details

Peace of Mind

Support & Maintenance

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year support included with all our data management solutions. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, adipiscing elit.

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  • Paul Morris
    Maluma have some of the most talented developers I have had the pleasure of working with and hope to continue to work with in the future. If you want to push your IT to the next level, Maluma is the company for the job. Maluma's interpretation of requirements and technical knowledge across a huge range of programming languages is truly outstanding. Their employees are very honest, hardworking and really great to work with.
    Paul MorrisData & Analytics Senior Manager
    Bank of Ireland
  • Ed Mozley
    We have been using Maluma DataSync for a considerable time now and could not be happier with it. The software is written by experts who really understand the Progress database engine inside out and also have considerable expertise in the particular software (SOS) that we are using to build our data warehouse.
    Ed MozleyData & Applications Architect
    Bates Wells

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