Transfering relevant and accurate data into new PMS



DataSync helps Wright Hassall take only relevant and accurate data into their new Practice Management System

We asked James Hamilton – Head of IT at Wright Hassall for his thoughts on his recent use of Maluma’s DataSync product: 

What business objective were you trying to resolve?    

We were installing a new Practice Management System (PMS) and had 4 different legacy databases (Finance, CRM, Time Recording & Case Management) to migrate across.  

We were struggling to extract data from our Case Management Database, Visualfiles (Progress OpenEdge).  Accessing the data in the OpenEdge database has historically always been challenging for us, relying on expertise within the team in both OpenEdge, SQL and Visualfiles. Over time through staff attrition these skills have depleted.  

Also, the time and complexity it takes to extract the data means it is never a true full data extraction. 

What made you choose Maluma? 

We used Technology Consultant, David Baskerville to help with this project and he recommended Maluma from previous experience to use DataSync to extract the data from Visualfiles. 

What tangible benefits did DataSync bring to the project? 

We now have a snapshot of the entire database to run SQL queries on. Including contact, case, document file paths, and critical dates information for example. 

Using SQL queries on this data, we can now import relevant, clean information into our new PMS, avoiding migrating old out of date data into new system  

For us to manually do this with a less accurate and incomplete data export would have taken up days of valuable IT resources. Maluma did the whole process in 2 days, from brief to full data extraction into SQL database!!  

Ultimately, we can now remove the cost of Legacy Case Management System (licenses, support & maintenance) from our IT Budget 

If you were describing or recommending Maluma to someone else, what would you say and what is the key reason others should use them? 

Maluma were so easy to work with. Their vast and extensive experience and knowledge about Visualfiles and Law Firms made the whole process simple and quick.  

If you need to access data within an OpenEdge database, then look no further than DataSync. Whether it be for a data migration into a New System or for real-time reporting. 

Not that we needed this on this project but, from a Head of IT’s perspective, DataSync’s continual synchronisation with the OpenEdge database I see as a real asset for real-time information sourcing. 


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