4 Ways Fusion is Revolutionising Data Management In Law Firms 

4 Ways Fusion is Revolutionising Data Management In Law Firms 

Two years ago, Maluma made the transition away from pure services to leverage technology to make challenging tasks, easy, for Law Firms.  Having identified a need in the sector, they created a credible and intuitive software platform that accelerates the digital transformation process in Law Firms.   

With a combined multiple decades experience of providing Data Services to the legal sector, Maluma created Fusion to be a secure and reliable technology that saves time and money and takes the difficulty out of managing the long-term risks of data retention.   Fusion allows for smoother Mergers & Acquisitions, Digital Transformation projects, GDPR projects and new Case or Practice Management System implementations – situations where complex data and legacy systems need to be assimilated into a new commercial framework. In particular: 

  1. Fusion manages old data out of the business according to your retention policies, thereby giving law firms the confidence and support to integrate compliance and data storage into their day-to-day activities
  2. Fusion finds clients, matters, 3rd party contacts and financial activities across any number of legacy systems, in sub-second speed. An intuitive interface that can be used by everyone in the firm with little or no training, means less reliance on specialist skills around the old systems. 
  3. Fusion indexes everything so when there is a change in the law, Fee Earners can search on the clause affected, find the clients affected and be proactive in providing a solution for  those clients. 
  4. Most significantly, Fusion consolidates all information from multiple systems into one place and in a landscape of multiple mergers and acquisitions, this ensures integrity and easy access of historical data.  One Search, One System,  All Your Data. 

Fusion’s latest release is the most significant yet in streamlining implementation.  In a clever use of developer skills, client input on mapping data has been reduced from weeks to days. Given this is the biggest commitment required for any data migration, Law Firms can use that time to focus on the bigger picture of transforming their systems.  

Underpinned by a commitment & curiosity of the legal sector, Maluma are ambitious to dominate the data collation, migration and archiving industry and believe that Fusion will be a key element to the ongoing digitisation and digital transformation of today’s Law Firm. 

Maluma plan to run update sessions.  However, if you would like to discuss the potential ROI of having Fusion as part of your tech toolkit, then click here to request a demo. 

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