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The Power of DataSync – Leveraging the value out of your Visualfiles System

We asked Paul Baylis, Software & Innovation Manager at Bott & Co the following: 

 What Business Objective were you trying to resolve? 

In the past, we developed a custom integration to extract data from Visualfiles (Progress backend) to SQL.  Our approach has always been to only extract the data points to SQL that we explicitly need, rather than storing/duplicating data unnecessarily. 

Upon reviewing this approach, we found the maintenance of our custom solution and the overhead of adding new fields and filing data retrospectively rather burdensome, especially in a fast-changing business landscape. 

DataSync has reduced our dependency on our custom integration and made ALL VF data available without the overhead of extracting data. 

What made you choose Maluma? 

Maluma come with a strong background knowledge of VF and SQL which reassured us.  They understand the legal sector well both in terms of the operational realities of dealing with legal claims, and the compliance and security implications of handling client data. 

What tangible benefits did DataSync bring to the project? 

The solution has provided a strong basis for business intelligence, but most significantly we have found having easy access to all VF data and metadata in SQL extremely powerful for implementing monitoring of our automated workflows and processes.   

If you were describing or recommending Maluma to someone else, what would you say and what is the key reason others should choose them? 

Maluma were excellent to deal with.  The implementation process was straight forward, and we know we can call on them if we have any issues. Working with a trusted provider, especially one who understands the sector and the core Visualfiles product, is particularly reassuring for a legal services business like ours. 

About Bott & Co 

Bott and Co are a multiple award-winning no win no fee solicitors based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. 

The firm has been obtaining justice for people for over 21 years, specialising in consumer claims with a particular expertise in claims for flight delay compensation, personal injury arising out of cycling and car accidents and mis sold car finance. 

In 2022, the Supreme Court of England endorsed Bott and Co’s inventive and entrepreneurial approach to modern legal services 

The firm is recognised as the most trusted source on flight compensation law and EU Regulation 261 and is the only practising law firm to have taken landmark cases to the Supreme Court and won.   

Senior Partner, David Bott previously served as President of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and campaigns for the rights of consumers and injured people in the UK. 

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