• Maluma Fusion

    Get ready for GDPR with a solution that consolidates and manages data and documents from multiple systems into one centralised application.

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    Maluma Fusion
  • Maluma DataSync

    Real time data synchronisation from OpenEdge to SQL with a monitoring and maintenance front end.

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    Maluma DataSync
  • Over 30 Years Legal IT experience

    Implementing solutions for professional services firms around the world.

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    iPad and Gavel

Providing solutions for GDPR and data archiving to the professional services sector.

We are specialists in providing technical services and solutions to the legal sector, specifically in data management and the provision of data migration services.

Our software products enable your business; Fusion allows you to manage your data in line with data protection policies and guidelines, whilst DataSync use real time synchronisation to provide a mirror copy of your OpenEdge databases in SQL Server.

Whether you need end to end data integrations, data migration services, or a solution to provide operational efficiencies, contact maluma to see how we can help.

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Conflict Checking

Enable conflict checking across multiple systems with our powerful search engine.

Data Retention

With disparate systems and huge volumes of data in your databases, being able to manage your data retention policies isn’t always easy.


Enabling individuals in the business to be able to make the right decisions at the right time.


Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations and partner with them for long term mutual benefit.